I am about leaving Taiwan, and this week is my last week in Space
I think I am lucky to know many good people here
and so lucky to have a teacher as Adnan
today, after Adnan's Power2
I ask Adnan and some new friends to have a break time

She is a very cute and nice girl
always happy, and share her happiness with friends
and She will have Steven teacher's class at 19:00 today

She is a very beautiful girl
and has wonderful posture
we almost chose the same class in Space
and of course, she is the great fans of Adnan as I am

My favoritest teacher in Space
He is so great that I don't want to miss any class of his
and he is perfessional, experienced, humor, cares about students....
this is Adnan

this store is introduced by Adnan
good hamburger and good sala
and Adnan insist to take pictures with us
He say that he can show off the pictures to his frieds ~><~
(from left to right: Pearl, Adnan, and me. Front: Sophia)

and, Adnan also insist we should have our legs in the picture
Pearl wears trousers, but she still share her beautiful leg
Adnan also has his leg in picture @@ (Oh My... Ma ma mi a~~~)
so funny Orz..

that's really a joyful time with them
so sad that I have to leave
but still great to know those friends that have the same interest and passion in yoga
I love you dears~~
with big hug and kisses
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各位朋友再見啦~ 台灣妻去大陸了

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  • KY
  • have a nice and smooth trip...

  • 多謝啦~

    jennycywu 於 2009/05/14 15:29 回覆

  • Sophia
  • Baby,,,,don't go~~><

    I'll miss you a lot~~Pls take good care in Shuzhou.
    Let's keep in touch !!

    With peace&love~~
  • I will~
    and you all take good care, too.
    remember to contact me if you come to Shuzhou or shanghai

    jennycywu 於 2009/05/15 07:40 回覆

  • pearlchang
  • I am so sorry that yesterday I had the next class in a hurry and couldn't speak to you more.

    I just start to know you but you are leaving.......I really like you and we did have some great time. I will remeber this great great girl has had ever in my yoga life.

    BTW: I just moved my Blog from yahoo to Pixnet yesterday. So coincidence!! You can click my Pixnet ID to contact me.

    take care in Shuzhou

  • dear Pearl
    that's ok^^~ you have already helped a lot
    Don't worry about that, wu will keep in touch
    and let's keep practicing yoga. I believe we will meet again~

    that's great, let me know where you blog is, that I can know if everying is ok.

    jennycywu 於 2009/05/17 20:06 回覆